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The Last of the Platinum Blonde Bombshells

+ now with moar phail effect +

21 May
a prince of tennis blog, now also a katekyou hitman reborn! fanblog. nothing useful in the big scheme of things.

reborn! is love.
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one big, pretty, gay, incestuous family ♥

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most of my earlier tenipuri fics, evidence of momentary dementia, are stored in my fanfiction.net account. newer fics are stored in the "fics" category of the memories page of this journal.

NOTE: due to RL going insane and eating up all of my time, ficcage and LJ posting has become somewhat slow. there may also be occasional off-topic posts. that being said, do feel free to friend or de-friend. i just had to issue fair warning <3

oh and from sofar:

Miranda Lotte is Timeless Love
Miranda Lotte is Timeless Love