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01 July 2012 @ 07:50 pm
mrwahahahahaaaaaCollapse )
a while ago, i participated in a help_japan charity auction for victims of the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami. since then i've been unforgivably tardy with my fic obligations T_T

but! i was able to put together a tenipuri AU for the very talented neumegami33, whose lovely art inspired the AU in the first place ♥ the fic is titled "Big Brother" and all six parts can now be found on her journal.

she's given me permission to link to the chapters, so i'm linking to them here. i really, really recommend you head over for neumegami33's truly gorgeous sketches... and if you do, please let her know how great her art is!

Big Brother

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6 [END]

i am also currently working on a KHR AU fic for another help_japan auction winner. i am very, very late, i am sorry T_____T but i hope to get the first part done in time for the new year, at the very least!


and as for the announcement: this LJ will no longer be updated. for future updates, please see my dreamwidth blog (currently empty) or my AO3 account.

i may drop by here occasionally, but i will be even less active here than i already am (yes, it is possible XD). i can't promise that i'll be very active on the dreamwidth journal either, but i just wanted everyone to know that i've moved house and will be hard to get a hold of somewhere else :D

see you on the other side ♥
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27 July 2011 @ 11:05 am
i was a little unsatisfied with the latest episode, so i decided to fic out my frustrations. this started off as hasty scribbling on the train, so it's pretty short! by my standards XD;

sorry for lame title, i had Pearl Jam playing in my head while i wrote.

Daddy is a hired gun, sweetheart.Collapse )
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06 July 2011 @ 01:55 pm
Love is never a mistake. No matter what changesCollapse )


edited 30 Dec 2011: So it ends. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who read this far! It's been a long year and a half, and writing for this story provided me much-needed distraction.

There was originally an epilogue here, but I took it down. After rereading it, and after receiving feedback in public and in private, I realized it still needed a lot of work. I suppose I just wanted to finish something in time for Christmas, and it came out subpar.

I apologize for everyone who had to suffer that. Sometime in the future, I may decide to revise this fic, but probably not anytime soon. I'm not sure the epilogue is ever going back up, either. For now I hope the conclusion of the story, open-ended as it is, provides a decent enough tie-up to everything.

I'm truly grateful to everyone who left feedback, positive or otherwise. It's humbling to know that other people have become invested in this story as well, and I do apologize to everyone I may have disappointed with my crappy writing. As said in the fic: It's not my story, it's just my words.

Finally: Happy Holidays! I hope that everyone else is also looking forward to the coming new year :)
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28 May 2011 @ 02:15 pm
dahil ang sarap tagalugin ng 'utang'na.

presupposes that rock bison knew wild tiger while he was at the height of his fame, a few years before the anime starts. also takes massive liberties with canon, since we hardly know anything about their past at this point. note: wala talagang hero na "iron lotus" ang pangalan. dito ko lang ninakaw yun.

ps: sorry for those i owe fic - this just sort of bit my brain and wouldn't let go. the WIPs are underway!!

'Paano mo naisip na may pera ako?' mahinahong hamon ni Antonio. 'Bakit, close ba tayo?' Collapse )
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i apologize in advance, this is very raw. should fix this later. extra-long installment, and still not the end!

in the meantime, if you're a Tiger & Bunny fan, have a highly improbable drabble.

unrelated: i think i might be in love with neil jordan.

Why Touma had to be such a pervert, he did not know.Collapse )
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20 May 2011 @ 09:50 am
hi guys XD; i owe a lot of people a lot of fic. and email. i am truly sorry if i've been crap on delivering -_- but i hope to post something for "At the Stars", at least, over the weekend.

while i try getting back into the swing of things, say hello to my newest obsession. if you haven't seen Tiger & Bunny yet, i must say that i feel it is necessary in order for you to live a full and happy life.

at this point in my writing life, i just really hope it's readable XD;

Kotetsu had always known that Saito was holding out on him. He just hadn't known he was holding out on this.Collapse )
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1. Japan earthquake and tsunami: How to help

2. Google spreadsheet giving updates on the status of Japanese media personalities, including mangaka and seiyuu

3. Google person finder, if you're trying to find anyone specific in Japan

4. fandom auction: help_japan. i would also like to link to my help_japan auction. if you happen to be in the market for tagalog-language elias/ibarra angst, i can make it worth your while :D

lastly, i'd like to apologize, i haven't been receiving comments to my posts/comments by email. sorry for the lack of replies!
05 March 2011 @ 06:11 pm

Apologies still sounded weird coming from Touma, after all these years.Collapse )
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22 February 2011 @ 05:52 pm
hi guys :D sorry i missed only EVERY MAJOR EVENT that occurred between now and... the time i posted the chapter before this. around a century ago.

i did write two buendia/magallanes ficlets for stationslash (which has not been posted at stationslash ahaha) just to get the kinks out because i haven't written in ages... it turned out to be good warmup. look, i'm working on old WIPs again! ...or something XD i think.

It felt like there was nothing after all of this.Collapse )
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